American Art Institute (AAI) is specialized in Performing and Visual Arts especially for children and teenagers. Start with foundation arts education by hands on programs, students will be inspired for their creativity and gradually improve their art and design quality until reach professional level. AAI will focus on practical education and training classes with various art activities, events, performances and festivals, also provide After-School.

AAI provides art education to children, youth and adults in both English and Chinese. It encourages the genuine cooperation of students, families and educators that combines to provide an effective and highly successful experience. Engaging and applying our core values, we work to develop responsible and caring students who are self-motivated and respect themselves, their families and teachers.

American Art Institute Offers: Drawing, Painting, Dance, Drama, Piano, Violin, Photography, English, Chinese, Math and many other group and individual classes. After School Program plus: English, Chinese, Math and art classes. Students should be self-motivated and respect themselves, their families and teachers.


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