About The school

        American Art Institute, LLC (AAI) is a pre and after school specialized in Performing and Visual Arts early-age education. Start with foundation arts and vocational programs for young students, it also offers adults art program.

        AAI will focus on practical education and training with various art activities, events and festivals. Based on the authentic sources, AAI will promote modern American art and Asian Culture and arts through drawing, painting, singing, dancing, music, photography, drama and media communication.

        AAI welcomes all the art lovers in different background to join our programs. AAI is offering pre-Scholl and after school program to assist young students to complete their home work and assignment in English, mathematics and different projects. AAI especially encourages new American immigrants to transcend traditions to overcome cultural barriers.

Joanna Zhang

General Producer, Film Director, Actress & Artistic Director

        Joanna Zhang is the president of American Art Institute and the Founder & President of San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. She devotes the long-term dedication to several nonprofit organizations over the years.

        Graduated from China, Jiangxi University with BA Degree; Academy of Art University with MFA Degree of Motion Pictures and Television in Film Directing as well as from Lincoln University with MBA Degree of International Business Administration,

        She directed, wrote and produced many short films, among them ,“Chinese American”, “Sweet Kiss” and “Beautiful Face” won Best Short-Film, Best Leading Actress, Best Director and Best Producer awards in several film festivals.

        She is executive producer and actress in numerous dramas, comedies and musical productions, such as: Comedy “7-Star General”, Black Humor “Yin and Yang”, Musical “It is Too Much Trouble to Change Your Wife”, Tragedy “New Blue and Black”, Post Modern Black Humor “Secret Love on Peach Blossom Land” and Musical Drama “I Have a Date with Spring”, etc. She also held acting training programs for several years. Her performances include classic drama clips “Thunderstorm”, “Wild Field”, “Joy Luck Club”, etc.